The last few weeks now have brought about great changes to CBSM. We were able to buy some further lots of land and begin building the foundations for our new CBSM Education Center.

These great strides forward towards building permanent facilities have occurred through the amazing efforts of volunteers from far away and near to home.

The project management and funding is realised through our partnership with CBSM-Kimilili in Switzerland.

We tip our hats to all of you who have offered your emotional, financial, and practical assistance. It is inspiring for all of us to witness your dedication in supporting us in our endeavours in creating a safe and rich learning environment for our children.

We also have to, of course, mention all the members of the CBSM community who have given us so much of their time, skills, resourcefulness, strong backs, and their unending willingness to help where ever help is needed. We are truly grateful.
With a new year now upon us, CBSM has been quite busy in and around Kimilili, Kenya.

We recently said goodbye to 10 volunteers from Europe who have been quite involved in fundraising and the building of a new CBSM school.  The school is in its early development stages, but will be made out of concrete materials as opposed to cow dug and sticks which the current school is made out of. 

Breezie, our Peace Corps volunteer has been very busy in Kimilili.  She has started a health club which she teaches to CBSM’s students in classes 4-7, which she is really enjoying.  She teaches them a variety of topics and most recently she has been teaching them about self-esteem, an important aspect of adolescence.

The children really look forward to seeing her every week and enjoy the activities she has been getting them involved in!

At the CBSM school Breezie has been planting gardens with nutritious vegetables and is trying to create sack gardens, which is soil in sack bags with sukuma seedlings (resembles kale).  Sukuma seedlings are somewhat out of season and Breezie has been hunting for them in and around the city. 

We can’t wait to see how they turn out!

We hope everyone is enjoy their 2012 as much as we are!