by Lia

As mentioned in our last post, our school garden is started. Now we just have to extend the types of crops and care for the garden in the next months.

We are also documenting the children’s progress on our CBSM Nutrition and School Garden website. The website has some course material and video material about small-scale gardening that hopefully could be of use for other schools projects.

If anyone has other information that we can put onto the site, please let us know.


Rev. Wasike

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on our school garden project. The children and community volunteers managed to prepare the garden and we’ve already planted suku mawiki, a local kale crop, and it is doing quiet fine. We will take photos by end of the week. We are also scheduled to plant more crops by next week, as I am to go with more seedlings on Saturday. God willing, we are hoping to plant onions, maize and tomatoes next.