By Lia

Clayton, Francis, and an anonymous donor from the US have kindly donated funds to help pay for the teachers salaries and to pay for some school supplies for the children.

I am just about ready to send a care package to the children with the supplies. I decided to include a few items that might not be pedagogically useful, but certainly some fun. The list of the items to be sent are:

School supplies: pencils, scissors, tape, colouring pencils, chalk, children’s bible, math work sheets, pencil sharpeners, colouring stencils, paper cut out figures, and blackboard brushes.

The not so school supplies: water balloons, ping pong balls, and soap bubble kits.

I hope that the children and teachers enjoy the new supplies. Thank you very much for helping us.


By Lia

The Janerose’s VPS is presently making a bid for a contract to supply a government run secondary school with their foodstuff. This contract would require that the Janerose VPS group plant or buy vegetables, beans, maize and then supply these goods to the secondary school for the students’ consumption.  The students need a mixture of beans and maize, kale and Ugali. The Janerose group would receive a tender, as well as the timetable and the quantities required per each day they are to meet. If they receive this contract, it would be a big boost to their business. We’ll let you know if this happens.