written by Lia

The world is small and the coincidences large... we heard that the singer and social activist,
Rick Sharpe, was coming to Kimilili this week to visit the children and widows of the OMWABINI Rescue Steps Charity. One of our UN volunteers contacted him and told him about the Kimilili Football Tournament. Not one to be shy of making a spontaneous commitment, Rick Sharpe has promised to perform at the tournament! What wonderful news this is!
Rick Sharpe has been travelling to Africa for the last 25 years and has been engaged as a volunteer both on the ground and back in the UK for most of this time. He raises funds and awareness by putting on gigs and events, visiting Kenya when he can to work with the children. The projects that most interest him are those that promote the construction of traditional housing for the widows and children, freshwater projects, education, and work in the AIDS clinic.

During this trip, Rick is making a documentary about the OMWABINI Rescue Steps Charity, recording the children’s choir singing SwahiliGospel music, as well as working in the AIDS Hospital at Webye.

With all this on his plate, you can imagine how delighted we are that he is taking time to support CBSM’s fundraising efforts and perform at our Kimilili Football Tournament on July 3rd.