by Rev. Wasike

We are in high gear preparing for our CBSM Kimilili Bake Sale and Raffle. This fund raising event is to take place tomorrow at the CBSM Education Center. Margret’s women co-op is doing the baking, the other women co-ops have been mobilising the local community to turn up in large numbers. We have involved local government representatives, women groups, and guardians of the children, friends and neighbours.

We are praying the sun will shine and many people will come and participate and make the event successful.
Rev. Wasike and the women co-ops of the CBSM Gardening Vocational Training Program have decided to organise two further fundraising events in August, Tea Parties for Kimilili. These tea parties will be a combination of tea party, bake sale and raffle. The funds raised through the sale of cakes and raffle tickets will go towards the down payment on the school land.

We ask everyone to look into their cupboards or ask their friends to look in their cupboards and see if you/they might have some light weight objects (e.g. pens, baseball caps, stickers, sun glasses, skipping ropes, sewing kits, old stamps) that you/they can send to Rev. Wasike to use for raffle prizes.

The goods can be sent to:

Rev. Wasike Wilberforce Walubengo
P.O. Box 2099-00200
Nairobi ,Kenya

Please make sure that you mention that the contents are gifts, second-hand goods, and of no monetary value, so that Rev. Wasike does not have to pay duty on the goods.

We want to invite all the schools and government officials and community elders who came to our Kimilili Football Tournament a few weeks ago to attend the tea parties and help contribute to our cause.

The women of CBSM have made a goal to try and raise 10-20% of the money needed for the down payment on the school land. You can help them indirectly reach their goal by contributing in this manner.
Dear Children of CBSM,

Today is your big day! The first Kimilili Football Tournament! Good Luck and Fair Play!

Even though you will be cheered on in the Kimilili Stadium by your friends and families, please know that you have a large number of fans cheering for you from far-off places as well.

One spezial sponsor of yours is a wedding shop called Champagne & Strawberries* in the UK. The owner and workers of the shop think so well of your football playing, they have made a donation of £48 GBP.

Christina, a CBSM volunteer, wants to ask you if you will send Champagne and Strawberries a photo of your team with all of your names. Do you think that is possible?

We’ll be looking forward to Rev. Wasike’s stories of all the day’s going-ons.

All the best,

Your Fans from Afar

Champagne & Strawberriesare a wedding shop based in Taunton, Somerset, UK. They sell a large variety of wedding dresses, other wedding clothing and accessories. 

written by Lia

We would like to welcome Helmores Estate Agent in Devon, South-West of England for generously signing on as sponsors of our Kimilili Football Tournament. This family-run estate agent are donating £100 GBP towards the tournament and the down payment on the land.

When one of our UK volunteers, Christina, recently approached them about the possibility of acting as sponsors, they immediately said yes. They are strong supporters of their community locally, and happily extend their support to faraway Kimilili. For they recognise what a good thing the tournament is for the community, and that the children badly need their school land secured.
Their website is
written by Lia

The world is small and the coincidences large... we heard that the singer and social activist,
Rick Sharpe, was coming to Kimilili this week to visit the children and widows of the OMWABINI Rescue Steps Charity. One of our UN volunteers contacted him and told him about the Kimilili Football Tournament. Not one to be shy of making a spontaneous commitment, Rick Sharpe has promised to perform at the tournament! What wonderful news this is!
Rick Sharpe has been travelling to Africa for the last 25 years and has been engaged as a volunteer both on the ground and back in the UK for most of this time. He raises funds and awareness by putting on gigs and events, visiting Kenya when he can to work with the children. The projects that most interest him are those that promote the construction of traditional housing for the widows and children, freshwater projects, education, and work in the AIDS clinic.

During this trip, Rick is making a documentary about the OMWABINI Rescue Steps Charity, recording the children’s choir singing SwahiliGospel music, as well as working in the AIDS Hospital at Webye.

With all this on his plate, you can imagine how delighted we are that he is taking time to support CBSM’s fundraising efforts and perform at our Kimilili Football Tournament on July 3rd.