from Lia

Rev. Wasike is in Kimilili since the end of last week. He is working very diligently on getting the new temporary school built.

I would like to stress that these facilities will be very rudimentary. These recent circumstances are driving us towards the inevitable more quickly than we anticipated, which is the need to purchase land and build a new school.

Our project manager, Ron, is in the process of writing up a CBSM New School project plan. 

We've contacted Architecture for Humanity with a request for a two phase design. We've contacted Architecture for Humanity with a request for a two-phase design. The first phase includes 6-8 classrooms and 2 offices (teacher and health officer) and a latrine block. The second phase includes 4 more classrooms, a sewing room, woodworking shop, a science and computer room, and a washing/shower building (with solar water heating system).

We'll keep you posted in further developments. 


Gabi's class, from Luebeck, Germany participated in a Computer World 2008 contest at the University of Luebeck and won the 2nd prize. The contest was for school projects that explore syllabus material with the help of digital media.

Gabi's class project submitted the Our Song Circle- Wimbo Mviringo website and her classroom's project "Where is Mario" in the contest. The judges particularly commended Gabi's class participation in Our Song Circle - Wimbo Mviringo. They feel that the children in all schools benefit from hearing each other songs and learning about each others' cultures.
We now have members from Cameroon, Kenya, Canada, Germany, England, and the US.