by Lia

When Rev Wasike, Millicent Aswata, Ericah Kiptoo traveled from Nairobi to Kimilili to give the CBSM women’s co-op their first business training workshop, they were hoping to teach a small group of business women how to set up their Village Phone Salons.

So, you can imagine their surpise when they arrived at the CBSM school at 7 am on the day of the workshop, to meet with over 20 persons. They all wanted to learn best business practices and could not be persuaded to leave. After much discussion, it was agreed that 21 participators could take part int the workshop and the others would be receiving another workshop as soon as the funds can be raised.

The women and men of our workshop worked very hard throughout the long day. Everyone was anxious to learn as much as they could. We are very thankful to Ericah and Millicent for preparing the learning material and for their wonderful instruction.


by Lia

Rev. Wasike is travelling today to Kimilili to attend the end of half term school celebrations.

He sent me the following about this event,

"I will be attending the end of term ceremony, which involves giving awards to the individual children. There are awards such as, who are best clean, best in class, best behaved, best disciplined, most improved. We try to reward our children by giving them some presents, or small sums of money (if available), to encourage them to continue their good work, or to motivate them to do better."

Rev. Wasike has promised to return with stories and many photos. He will take photos, not only of the ceremony, but also of the school garden and the children receiving the gifts Jennifer so kindly donated.

I can hardly wait to see them.


Gabi's class, from Luebeck, Germany participated in a Computer World 2008 contest at the University of Luebeck and won the 2nd prize. The contest was for school projects that explore syllabus material with the help of digital media.

Gabi's class project submitted the Our Song Circle- Wimbo Mviringo website and her classroom's project "Where is Mario" in the contest. The judges particularly commended Gabi's class participation in Our Song Circle - Wimbo Mviringo. They feel that the children in all schools benefit from hearing each other songs and learning about each others' cultures.
We now have members from Cameroon, Kenya, Canada, Germany, England, and the US.