by Rev. Wasike and Lia

We are in great need of donations to buy Family Drip Irrigation Kits for our community members. This past year, Kenyans nation-wide suffered great food shortages due to drought. All predictions point in the direction that next years’ crops will be drastic decreased due to the persisting weather conditions.

We, at Kimilili are doing our best to modify our gardening and farming practices accordingly. One way we can do this is by installing family drip irrigation kits to household gardens and farm plots. We are trying to raise money to buy our community members drip irrigation kits (see attached pdf).

The costs are:

200 Litre Kit (300 sq meters) costs 150 USD
500 Litre Kit (1000 sq meters) costs 225 USD

We have made an arrangement that any family who receives these kits will donate a percentage of the harvest or profits from selling the produce at market to help feed the children at CBSM School for the next two growing seasons (after which the kits is theirs). Last semester, many of our children did not attend school because their guardians could not afford to feed them.
6/27/2012 06:17:49 am

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