by Lia

It constantly surprises and delights me that people from near-and-far are willing to help the children in Kimilili. Our needs are many and varied. We never quite know how much or how often we should make an appeal for help since there is so much still left to be done before our children have a safe place to live and learn in.

We have been blessed in the last weeks by donations from friends of the community both in Kenya and in USA.

Rev. Wasike, Millicent, and Ericah, of our fund raising committee in Narirobi, have been selling thank you cards to friends and neighbours to raise funds to buy food for the children. They have had some success and are determined to sell more of the cards in the proceeding months. The current nationwide food shortage will not be alleviated before the harvest season in September.

We have received two donations from Clayton H. to pay the monthly repayment f on the loan CBSM received at the beginning of this year to build temporary school facilities.

Lastly, Francis recently sent us a donation for the betterment of the school. His donation will be used to pay for school learning supplies, of which there is a great need.

Rev. Wasike and I would very much like to thank you all for having the needs of our children in your hearts.

10/11/2012 05:29:35 pm

This is great and I suppose that more of such things should be present.


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