Dear Fund-raising Committee and Online Volunteers,

We are happy to write the good news that CBSM has received more donations towards the down payment on the land for our school facilities. Sue G, Julie M, Giancarlo M and Andrea N have kindly sent in donations.

We now have received nearly 50% of the money we need.

Please continue working hard so that we might be able to make the down payment and thus be able to continue with the school next year. If we are not able to make the down payment, we will have to relocate once again and this would be such a shame. The children need a stable and safe place to go to school.

Thank you,

Lia and Rev. Wasike

P.S. Part of the down payment is being collected through PayPal and another part is through and the rest is through fund raising efforts of the CBSM women co-ops.
8/9/2012 03:09:01 am

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