By Lia

Rev. Wasike sent my the following photos of the various phases of school year opening celebrations, the shock of coming to the school the next day and finding a half demolished building, and the building of the new temporary facilities. I put the photos into an animated slide show.

The children and teachers got back to school in half-finished classrooms. There was a roof over their heads, but the mud walls still had to be built. Problems arose because the builders wanted to get their work done and the teachers and students wanted to do their work and so after a few days of confusion and noise, the builders agreed to complete their work after school was over in the afternoon. That meant that building the walls took longer than planned, but now the work is done. Hallelujah!

Rev. Wasike wants to thank everyone involved, from the children to the oldest community member who have been so helpful, resourceful, and patient these last six weeks.

2/14/2009 09:29:53 pm

It is great that the children are back to school at last. Disappointments are part of our everyday experiences, but we have to keep on. I thank everyone involved.

7/28/2012 05:11:46 am

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8/2/2012 07:04:34 am

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