We are so happy to announce a new project, our Nutrition and School Garden Project. The garden will provide the most essential food for the school children. It is a half-acre (2020 sq m) plot near our new temporary school facilities. This project is being realised with the help of the children, community volunteers and a whole list of Nabuur volunteers.

Most noticeably, we are excited to have the help of the following volunteers,

* Daniel in Nairobi (project assistance)
* Ron in England (project management)
* Ken in the States (small-scale farming, drip irrigation system)
* Malcolm in South Africa (small-scale organic farming)
* Our Dutch student team (documentation and presentation of project developments)
* Lia in Germany (project coordination)

As the project develops, all of the activities will be presented on it’s own website and blog posts.

Further project phases include more long term and short term sustainable farming for food security practices, co-partnerships with other small scale farmers in Kimilili, setting up nutrition courses and creating cooking courses in the school for the students and community.

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