Our Nabuur friend, Malcolm, has sent us a list of plant types we are going to plant: Swiss chard, eggplant, green peppers, cabbages or Kale, green beans or okra, tomato, marigolds, radish, spinach, garlic or spring onions.

To speed the germination process, we are going to soak a paper towel or a cloth in water. Then we will put the seeds in water for 1 hour and then onto the paper towel or cloth and wrap and keep in a warm place but make sure it stays damp. After we’ve kept the seeds wrapped overnight or for a day or two, depending upon type of plant, we will plant the seeds.

I’ll write you more about the preparation and planting of our garden. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to post a few photos as well.

6/27/2012 04:24:05 am

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