by Rev. Wasike and Lia

Now that sister Millicent is situated in her new home, we are thinking about holding another Best Business Training Workshop. If all goes well, we will hold Worshop II (Workshop I was last spring) at the end of October. The outline looks the following:

Workshop II

Participants: up to 21 of the participants who attended the first best business practice workshop (all the 8 Village Phone Operators (VPOs)).

Trainers: Rev. Wasike as spiritual guide and motivator, Millicent and Ericah for business practice training, Wilfred and Samuel for agriculture and garden practice training

Goals: The goal of this training is to empower targeted women and youths with knowledge that can help them run small-scale agricultural businesses profitably and be self-reliant in their rural business environment. The workshop offers them basic training needed to create business ideas, business plans, calculating needed financing, and estimating profits and risks. They are show how to keep records properly, so that they can know in the future if they are making profit or loss and what actions they need to undertake in each of these cases. The participants are also trained on how to manage borrowed mirco-finances (loans) and repayments as part of a work collective.

Time: a whole day’s workshop

Location: CBSM school

Needed volunteers: persons to prepare beverages and midday meal

Workshop schedule will be more or less the same as we carried through in our Workshop I, except that there will be an agricultural training sessions as well.
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