Dear All,
All schools were meant to open doors today 7th, March, 2013 so the children could continue with their education. However, last night the government directed again that all schools should remain closed until the 11th of March 2013. This is because of the unclear presidential online wired results. It has forced a recount through our normal manual counting, which you can imagine takes time.
Apart from schools, most major businesses and normal transportation systems in the country have not not returned to normal as yet. I personally have been directly participating and am engaged in the current election and I would like to assure you that I believe it will be peaceful. There are no signs of chaos or the same tensions there were in the last election.
We are also happy that the government of Kenya is doing good work  to beef  up security in the countryside during this election. Many Kenyans attitude this time around is very positive, which is good for our feeling of personal security. We are sure it will remain okay, even after presidential results are announced on schedule tomorrow morning.
Our CBSM school, like many other in Kenya, had no other choice than to comply and remain closed. It was our duty to play a part in a peaceful mission. This morning I received a call from a board member, who assured me, that CBSM teachers strongly believe the situation has normalised. They have made arrangements to go beyond their duty to cover for the lost days.
This is for general information.

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