by Rev. Wasike

In Kenya we are told that a big percentage of human body consists of water. Hence water is an ingredient that life is made of, without which life is impractical. An initiative for clean water is a noble thinking if not task, and every life that wishes to live with potentiality needs clean and safe water to do so. God made all beings in a manner that interrelates a circle of benefits from everything that we have and to everything that we give onto others during our lives. In terms of water see the following:

  • We can support the UN by planting trees around us, hence we shall benefit from the sustainable rain circles which in turn makes water available for consumption.

  • We also need to stop deforestation and promote forestation.

  • We need to recycle water to avoid water wastage, in this manner it would be possible to save water for others to use.

  • Safeguard rivers and lakes in the areas especially its source. Poor management of rivers and lakes can easily turn to dry lakes or rivers hence lack of water.

  • Keeping environment clean is also essential tool in helping the UN to make it available safe and clean water for millions, clean environment does not pollute.

Improved modern ways of water harvesting, that we need to adopt modern ways of harvesting and storing water to avoid contamination.

Proper water treatment, for example boiling and cooling water before drinking, or modern treatment using water guard, chlorine etc.

  • Proper sewerage management reduces or eliminates water contamination hence clean and safe water.

Developing or construction of toilets, like in Kenya most parts toilets are not there and or most families cannot afford to make toilets. Many help themselves in the bush, and up country the society depend on spring water or bore holes during rainy season. Bodily remains can easily find its way into the bore hole or water springs  this can bring about contamination.

Water is life. Not only the UN but all of us need to participate at individual and family levels, at government levels and all levels of community. We all need to join hands and make it a routine way of living-by-doing, if we do so, we will help the UN to bring safe and clean water to millions.

by Lia

As many of you know, we are trying to raise funds to build a learning landscape, as designed by Project H Design. When Vicki came to volunteer at CBSM Education Center, she arrived with various learning games for the children to play.
Vicki and Rev. Wasike and his wife, Phyllis bought 25 buckets to make up a temporary playground (see post below). Upon arrival, Vicki worked with the teachers to set up various games.

Vicki's report of the success of these games is as follows,

"I am attaching for you some photos taken today of the children while learning/playing with the use of the buckets.  They have gone down a treat and the children think its amazing.  Yesterday and today we concentrated on english spelling and maths.  It was wondering to see for the maths that as soon as an equation was called out to a group they all hit the ground and started working out the answer in the soil! Apparently all they were asking today when in class was "will we get to play the bucket games today", the great thing about it is that you can involve all age groups so the younger ones watch and listen and hopefully learn as the games are carried out."

If you want to see for yourself, here is a slideshow I made up of the project so far,
This is what Rev. Wasike reported,

"I was wondering how the local children would cope up with it this new method of learning. After hearing various accounts from the teachers and Vicki, they confirm a local saying which states that a child's brain is a blank space and anything that can be supplied in occupies the memory for now to the future.

Thank you, Vicki for initiating the games. I hope the teachers will also find them interesting and maintain and expand on them after you ahve left. They used to ask me so many questions about how they could teach using tires or buckets for all subjects apart from counting and now they know.

The games are so good that a teacher from government school passed by and saw what you were doing within the school and called me to ask about the games. I suggested he make an appointment with our headteacher  and visit the school to learn more from you or the school  teachers."