by Rev. Wasike

Kenya is going to vote on a referendum for the new proposed constitution on 4th Agust. This is the second attempt,the first one in 2005 did not go through and so they are having to try again. As a result, families are rearranging their schedules and locations in fear of possible violence and security issues like those that occured after the  2007 elections. Hence, many schools have closed by down and the teachers have sent the children home to their parents.

This was good idea to plan for schools and colleges to close early in preparations for the election on 4.08.10. CBSM Education Center's exam process was delayed a bit because we could not afford to pay for the printed exams and had to hold oral exams that were time consuming. Yet, we thank God the exams are now done and the school is closing tomorrow.

We are praying that the elections on 4th shall be peaceful. We thank God for the government that has put in security measures to ensure good security for all Kenyans during this moment of vigorous election compaigning for and against the proposed constitution by various groups.
7/28/2012 10:59:39 pm

Do individuals nonetheless use these? Personally I enjoy gadgets but I do prefer something a bit more up to date. Still, nicely written piece thanks.

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dude this just inspired a post of my own, thanks


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