By Rev. Wasike

I wanted to write you a quick update from Kimilili. We are all fine and doing well. This is to inform you that the school is reopening by 7th Sept 2009. The tuition for those kids whose exam results were below average at the end term was forfeited these last weeks. This enabled the children to go to school for free for half days. We adopted this policy in the hope their scholastic level would improve with the extra school attendance. The school closed for all last Friday, so the pupils and teachers could rest like the others before we reopen on the 7th.
7/25/2012 12:49:41 pm

The life of people, always has to avoid ups. Not always such as sun dongsheng, also won't always was painful. Repeated a float a heavy, to a person, it is tested. Therefore, float on it, and don't have to pride; Under the sink in, don't need more pessimistic. Must be blunt, modest attitude, optimistic and enterprising, forward.


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