by Rev. Wasike

We are in high gear preparing for our CBSM Kimilili Bake Sale and Raffle. This fund raising event is to take place tomorrow at the CBSM Education Center. Margret’s women co-op is doing the baking, the other women co-ops have been mobilising the local community to turn up in large numbers. We have involved local government representatives, women groups, and guardians of the children, friends and neighbours.

We are praying the sun will shine and many people will come and participate and make the event successful.
by Lia

Our dedicated teachers and volunteers know the importance of teaching math and languages (Kiswahili and English) to the children. We are always looking for pedagogically sound and imaginative ways to do this (see video).
Therefore, we would like to build a Learning Landscape. This is a grid-based playground for elementary math education. The playground combines active movement and competition with mathematical exercises, providing an outdoor classroom framework for fun and engaged learning.

We need 360 USD in funding for building- and instructional materials.

We have reached our 100% funding at betterplace! This means that the 470 USD we asked for there is now covered and we will be receiving the funds soon.

As many of you know, we have a goal of raising 1,800 USD by the end of September so that we can make a downpayment on our school land.  We have reached a total of 1,175 UDS to date counting the donations given through PayPal on this website and the money from betterplace. We are very close to reaching our goal!

So, for all of you who have donated so kindly so far, thank you so much.
We are happy to announce that Didem B. has donated the needed funds (150 USD) to buy a sturdy hand-loom for Mercy W. Mercy was born almost fully lame on one side of her body. The loom and starting materials will be of great assistance for her as a form of occupational therapy, as well as a way for her to have fun experimenting with colours and different types of wool. 
by Rev. Wasike

Andrea Sebastian left for Kimilili this morning from Nairobi. He spent a few days with my family and me. He has called to confirm a safe journey. He went with Sarah Sitatai, one of our onsite volunteers. Sarah will introduce Andrea Sebastian to the CBSM management board and community members. I will be going to Kimilili in due course.